What students have said about John’s Five Element Acupressure courses

I have been attending John’s courses and workshops since 2014 and have learned much and had my personal growth greatly accelerated thanks to his open and engaging teaching style. There are no strict compliance rules with John. Instead, he teaches a powerful system with intriguing philosophy, clear structure and great simplicity and encourages students to make it their own and do with it as they wish. Having said that, if someone likes complexity and great scope, as do I, much is provided in that area and a healthy addiction to the work is easily achieved!

Amazingly, John’s courses seem to provide people with a powerful space to learn more about themselves and discover many new and exciting ways to heal and grow. Personally, I have gained much in this area and have repeated some of his courses as a means to deepening and accelerating my own personal growth. I attribute much of the momentum behind my continually growing self awareness to this work.

Highly recommended!

~ Benjamin Hamersley, Certified Five Element Acupressure Practitioner, Kilkenny SA: April 2019

“I have now been studying 5 Element Acupressure with John Kirkwood for two years and just recently finished level 3.
My background is over 20 years in remedial therapies which included 5 years study in TCM – acupuncture.  I have always been more interested
in the Five Element philosophy rather than the TCM philosophy.  For me John’s teaching has brought this into a new light that made
many things click into a new meaning for me.  It strengthened my knowledge base and my interpretation of the 5 Element theory
and how to apply this successfully into my practice..

John is a wonderful teacher who brings a much needed sense of humility and grace as he holds the field open for the the
transmission of 5 Element Theory.

Many thanks for all your wisdom and patience”

~ Anne Flatman, Fremantle WA: November 2018

“The course was beautifully delivered, highly fascinating, and implemented into my work immediately.

I’m slowly devouring your notes which are captivating my attention and sparking my interest in immersing myself in further trainings down the track.

Thank you for patiently and intelligently delivering this topic, which I’ve shared with friends, pointing them in direction of your website.

Thank you for opening my eyes to a whole new world.

In gratitude, Simone.”

~ Simone Bourgeois, Yoga Teacher, Reflexologist and Massage Therapist, Curl Curl NSW: July 2018

“John’s Five Element Acupressure Level 3 has added a whole new dimension to what we have learned in the previous two courses. Five Element Acupressure is a modality that is as complex as it is simple, offering profound results to both practitioner and client. It can easily be added to any existing skill set, providing a new depth to your treatments.

I also love the way that John revisits each of our previous learnings, adding new perspective and layers to what we already know.

I recommend all of these units to anyone who wants to make a difference to their practice. Thank you John. You’re right. I will always find something new to ponder and add to my toolkit with this beautiful therapy.”

~ Patty Zorzetto, Specialised Kinesiologist, Reiki and Wellness Practitioner. December 2017

“I attended John’s Practitioner Acupressure 1 course in May with the aim to increase my understanding of meridian work through the use of acupressure. The course content and John’s teachings delivered far more than that. I have used John’s teachings and protocols in my practice since completing the course and have received great feedback from both clients and colleagues.

John’s teaching methods are very effective and he has the ability to impart large amounts of information in a way that gradually builds your knowledge at a steady but comfortable pace.

I found the course content inspiring and it has helped consolidate my understanding and expand and deepen the level of treatment I offer my clients. I’ll be back for Level 2 and 3 and then some! Thank you John.”

~ Patty Zorzetto, Specialised Kinesiologist, Reiki and Wellness Practitioner. July 2017

“Every time I repeat an acupressure level my knowledge and understanding of acupressure grows profoundly. There is so much depth to this language and new information only becomes available with continuous study; I can’t recommend a more knowledgeable and giving mentor than John for studying the Five Elements and Chinese meridian system.”

~ Ollie Miles, Remedial Therapist. March 2017

“I thoroughly enjoyed John Kirkwood’s 2 day workshop ‘Acupressure For the Emotions’ which l attended recently to attain my CPE points. This is a part of my professional requirements as a Psychotherapist & hands on massage therapist.

I am used to attending these workshops mostly to fulfill the requirements of my association as often the material isn’t something that is useful in my clinic. So imagine my delight to attend a workshop offering what l consider a profound way to link emotional release with somatic (physiological) release in the body. Having studied a large variety of healing modalities over the last 30 years, l was very impressed with the simplicity of the healing protocols John was teaching us. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in working in a subtle, yet profound way to release blocked energies & create more flow & functionality in the body.

I intend to continue to explore this work next year with John.”

~ Rhonda Jurd Dip Body Psychotherapist, Dip Remedial Massage, Cert CranioSacral Therapist, Dip Polarity Therapy, Cert Bowen Therapy, Dip Hypnotherapist, Cert NLP, Cert Spiritual Healing. Ocean Star Healing 0408 090 490. December 2016

“I am so impressed by John’s 5 Element Acupressure training. He has a wonderful capacity to teach complex concepts in a simple but highly professional way. His courses give practitioners real depth in the art and science of acupressure.”

~ Sasha Wray, Occupational Therapist , Naturopath and Acupressure Energy Medicine Practitioner.  October 2016

“Thank you for the 4 days. Thoroughly enjoyed it. As previously TCM trained your Melbourne level one 5 Element focus was a GREAT refresh and reminder of past learning. Better than that, is that you’ve distilled down complex and overlapping ideas. I’ve left with clarity and simple ways to remember multiple points and point combinations.”

~ Donna Eddy, Physical therapist, fitness and health professional. October 2016

“I attended the ATMS 2 day workshop ‘Acupressure for the Immune System’ conducted by John Kirkwood.

I found the material presented was very relevant and helpful in treating the effects of the stressful and traumatic lifestyles experienced by many clients.

I appreciated within John’s relaxed and calm manner, his ability to include both beginners and those with some experience in the work presented.

He speaks clearly and with great confidence, revealing the breadth of his knowledge without coming across as a know-it-all-guru. John shared with great honesty his own life experiences and included some examples of clients treated. He provided good printed information and after each theoretical section gave a demonstration of the work, prior to us developing our skills in that area. He had to hand a number of reference books if students wanted further information, did not disparage other teachings and in fact detailed how the work could be incorporated into several therapies.

As I left I definitely felt my investment had been very worthwhile!

John’s two published books and his Blog are other great sources of ongoing information.”

~ Jenny Wallace, Dip Hlth Sc – Rem Therapies, Craniosacral, Myofascial Release, Polarity Therapies. September 2016

“Thank you so much for one of the most wonderful courses that I have completed in over 20 years of my practice. (Acupressure for the immune system). Your calmness of character and precise delivery of information is a testament to what we should all strive to achieve. I was fortunate to be a ‘Demo Client’ in demonstrating one of your combinations of points for the Heart Meridian. I was astounded at your intuition and connection. A wonderful class that so many will benefit from. Thank you so much John.”

~ Anton Noles, Remedial Therapist.  September 2016

“Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us and delivering it with gentleness, kindness and compassion. I also appreciated the stillness in your energy. I wish you the balance of your journey in the abundance of love that surrounds you.”

~ John Smith, Remedial Therapist.  June 2016

“A big thank you for your teaching this year. Acupressure has really helped me find a quiet stillness within my work. I’ve been learning Craniosacral 3 this week and I don’t think i would have had the sensitivity in my hands for the techniques if it wasn’t for your training. Looking forward to learning more with you next year.”

~ Ollie Miles, Remedial Therapist. October 2015