Working with Emotions

in Five Element Acupressure

This two-day workshop provides the practitioner with a practical way of recognising when emotions are contributing to physical imbalances and using acupressure points to release blocks in the flow of Qi that are causing these imbalances.


  • To identify areas of tension that may be associated with emotional holding.
  • The concept of segmental armouring and the eight horizontal segments.
  • Acupoints for releasing tension patterns in the occiput, neck, jaw, clavicle area, chest, diaphragm, abdomen and pelvis.
  • Perspectives of emotion ancient and modern
  • Five Element resonances which relate emotions to organs and tissues,
  • Five separate treatment patterns, working with the Lung meridian for grief and sadness; Heart and Heart Protector meridians for hyper-excitement or lack of joy; Liver meridian for anger and frustration; Spleen meridian for worry and overthinking; and Kidney meridian for fear and anxiety.
  • Body focusing and basic counselling skills to facilitate the processing of emotions.

The course originally planned for Auckland in May 2022 has been cancelled due to Covid restrictions. It is hoped to offer the course in February or March 2023.

Approved for CPE points

ATMS – 14 CPE Points

ATMS - Continuous Professional Education (20 Plus Points) Badge