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The Way of the Five Elements

The Way of the Five Elements pb cover

John’s first book, published by Singing Dragon Press of London was first published as a hardback. The new paperback edition, also in colour, has a cover design that mirrors the second book, The Way of the Five Seasons. It offers a dynamic and engaging journey through the Five Elements of Chinese medicine, focusing on 52 powerful acupoints (one for each week of the year) to support healing at all levels, physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual.

The book arose out of John’s fortnightly blog so you can get a sense of the book by reading the dozens of blog posts here. From the point that clears your sinuses to the one that improves your sense of humour, and all points in between! And the book contains much more, including sections that reflect in detail on the Five Elements and the system of Chinese medicine that underlies them. There are more points than appear on the blog, specific instruction for ways of treating the points and, importantly, how to combine the points for even more powerful treatments. The book concludes with many suggested ways of taking the work further through reading and self-exploration.

If you would like a copy signed by the author (A$45 + postage), contact John.

Singing Dragon Press

312pp Colour Paperback
RRP: £21.99  |  AUD$49.99*

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The Way of the Five Seasons

The Way Of The Five Seasons - Book Cover

John’s second book is a comprehensive and practical guide to using the Five Element model in your daily life in ways that can improve your physical health, foster mental ease and clarity, create more emotional balance, and bring you closer to spirit. Having introduced the philosophical and practical principles of the Five Elements, the author invites you to ‘live the book’, immersing yourself in the many aspects of each Element during its corresponding season. He offers a range of methods of doing this, including activities such as movement, cooking, gardening, journaling, visualisation, meditation, dialogue and self-acupressure. In working with each Element, he explores the three levels or expressions of human life – the physical (structures, organs, tissues and systems), the psycho-emotional (thoughts, beliefs, self-images, emotions and reactions), and the spirit. Detailed information is provided on each Element’s specific attributes, associations, resonances and gifts, and anatomical illustrations are included for further guidance. An invaluable reference book for practitioners and students of Chinese Medicine who hope to become better practitioners to others, the book also provides the means to become a practitioner to yourself.

If you would like a copy signed by the author (AUD$50 + Postage), contact John.

Singing Dragon Press

336pp Black & White Paperback
RRP £24.99  |  AUD$$56.99*

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Book Launch


Local author John Kirkwood’s two new books about the Five Elements of Chinese medicine, “The Way of the Five Elements” and “The Way of the Five Seasons”, were launched at the Ngeringa Cultural Centre on the afternoon of Sunday May 1st. While there were rain and rainbows in the morning, the afternoon proved to be a beautiful autumn day, providing a very pleasant environment for the event. Many attendees arrived early to take in the delights of the artistically created grounds of the Centre and its fabulous views of Mount Barker Summit. Glasses of the Ngeringa red and white were seen glinting in the afternoon light as patrons explored the sculptures, artwork, landscaping and the labyrinth.

In the foyer, the aboriginal art that adorns the walls provided a striking backdrop to the book display which was creatively arranged by project managers Barbara Kirkwood and Margaret Towie.

Inside the auditorium John presented a book talk with a difference. He began by acknowledging the land and its spirit as well as the vision of NCC founder Ulrike Klein. After a brief reading from his second book ‘The Way of the Five Seasons’, John launched into a compelling teaching of the Five Element model and how this can be utilised in our daily lives to improve health at all levels: physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual. Using sound, vision and movement to convey the ideas, John took snippets of wisdom from both books to give practical tips about how to live life in accordance with the seasons, especially in the Water Element of the coming winter.

After the talk which was both enjoyable and inspirational for the viewers, there was a welcome afternoon tea while John signed books and answered the many questions that arose from the talk. Several people commented that it was one of the most interesting and enjoyable book talks they’d ever attended.