About John Kirkwood

Master Acupressure practitioner


I first experienced the extraordinary power of Acupressure in 1985 while on a working holiday in England. My first treatment was unforgettable. I felt energy surge through me as though someone had turned on a vital source of power. The treatment dissolved many blocks, and from that time I began to experience myself in a different way. I recognised the profound healing potential of this work, and made the unquestioned decision to be trained in it. And so began my life as a healing practitioner.


After learning all I could in England, I moved to California and studied advanced acupressure with Iona Teeguarden. In 1989 I established my own practice in the San Francisco Bay Area. I later incorporated other practices into my work, such as Myofascial Release and Craniosacral work. I studied the Five Elements as part of the SOPHIA program of the Traditional Acupuncture Institute of Maryland. Other skills I’ve developed include Distance Healing, Direct Healing and Spiritual Healing.

John Kirkwood

Teacher of Acupressure

My first career as a schoolteacher left me with a love of educating others, so it was natural for me to teach the acupressure work I feel so passionate about. I was a teacher of Jin Shin Do acupressure for several years, and for several more years taught Five Element classes in California with a cutting edge group of practitioners named Five Hands Clapping. I now teach three levels of acupressure training in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth. I also teach workshops sponsored by the Australian Traditional Medicine Society.

Inviting Spirit

My bodywork practice goes hand in hand with my ongoing spiritual practice; each informs the other. I am a member of the Ridhwan School Diamond Approach, a spiritual practice based in ever deepening levels of inquiry into our True Nature. This work, more than any other, has enhanced my awareness, my understanding, and my ability to bring many levels of healing to my clients.

I have a deep love for my work, and find that I learn from every one of my clients. I continue to be curious while open to the place of not knowing, for it is from that place that true guidance arises

John providing acupressure treatment in Practitioners Course training
John with the Acupressure Centre Practitioners Course group

Some Principles of My Practice

The work I do in the treatment room is a partnership between us. I bring my skills and knowledge, as well as my intention to promote health and healing. You bring your commitment to your own health, and an openness to receiving help and support.

I create a safe space by honouring you as an individual, respecting boundaries and limits, staying open to intuition, and choosing approaches that best suit you. Healing can happen on many levels, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. My aim is to facilitate such healing wherever you are ready to go.

I have now been living, working and playing with Five Element Acupressure for over 30 years and am passionate about sharing this deep wisdom with you.

Acupressure Practitioners Training Class Level 3