5 Elements

5 Elements of Acupressure Diagram

The Five Elements

The Five Elements together form a cycle of changing energies. We all have all of the Elements within us, but their mix is unique for everyone. When we are in balance and health, the Elements flow freely and we have access to all of their gifts. But when there is imbalance and ill health, we can notice blocks in our bodies, our minds and our emotions that are the result of this lack of free flow.

We can bring ourselves back to balance and harmony with Five Element Acupressure. The practitioner recognises which Elements are out of balance and holds points along the meridians of these Elements to release energy blocks that are causing the imbalances.

There are things that you can do too. Specific changes in diet and lifestyle can really support the practitioner’s work. At a deeper level, understanding the emotions, ideas, beliefs and attitudes that contribute to these imbalances begins to release their hold on us and open us up to more freedom in our lives.

In understanding these five energies, we can have no greater role model than Mother Nature herself. The seasons of the year are the most obvious manifestation of the Elements, and all other associations of the Elements can be drawn from the seasons.

As you read these sections on each of the Elements, you may recognise the places you are free and the places you feel stuck. The suggestions that follow each Element are meant to offer guidance to support bringing that Element back to balance.