Teaching Staff

John Kirkwood

Phone: 0410 779 159

I have been working, living and playing with Acupressure and the Five Elements since 1985. I studied with Iona Teeguarden and the Jin Shin Do method from 1985-1990 and with Five Element Acupuncture teachers including Bob Duggan and Dianne Connelly 1991-92. I also studied other bodywork modalities including Neo-Reichian massage at Heartwood College in California. Synthesising all of these methods, I have developed a modality called Five Element Acupressure.

I returned to Australia from California in 2006 and founded The Acupressure Centre which now serves as the vehicle for sharing this powerful work throughout all states in Australia. Two popular books about the Five Elements now contribute to this mission.

The Acupressure Centre now certifies other teachers of the work. Those appearing here are fully accredited teachers who are also recognised by the Australian Traditional Medicine Society and Massage and Myotherapy Australia as approved presenters of Five Element Acupressure.

John Kirkwood

Geoffrey Bonwick

Phone: 0419 833 755

I first came into contact with the world of acupressure through the Adelaide acupuncturist Michael Porter in the 1990s, who taught a system of flows based upon the 8 Extraordinary Vessels.  After a detour into the world of kinesiology, through the work of the transpersonal therapist Peter McLellan, which reinforces the power of the acupressure system to facilitate deep emotional release and release trauma, I returned to my original love of the Five Elements, coinciding with meeting John Kirkwood in 2007.  Further research followed into the Worsley model, the archetypal work of Lorie Dechar, as well as studying Shiatsu at the Australian Shiatsu College and being exposed to the classical Japanese models of Seriwaza and Manaka.  I have been running clinics in Adelaide, Melbourne, and Germany for 25 years, and have also been a lecturer at the Australian Shiatsu College for the past 6 years, as well as privately mentoring students for over ten years in a variety of styles.

I combine a background in the performing arts with a love of teaching, and am motivated by my passion in the combining of knowledge with emphasising the cultivation of depth in the practitioner. I am grateful to John for the vision of sharing this work.

Anne Flatman

Clinic: 191 Spearwood Avenue, Spearwood 6163
Phone: 0421 707 087

My journey towards 5 element acupressure commenced after a conversation with a colleague on the 5 Element Theory, I was loaned a copy of John Kirkwood’s book “The Way of the 5 Elements”.  Not long after I enrolled in level one of 5 Element Acupressure with John here in Perth.
After studying level one of 5 Element Acupressure I found that the 5 Element Theory filled the gap left at the end of my acupuncture training.  To me the 5 Element Theory added the spiritual perspective into the knowledge I had already acquired. 5 years later and I am a fully qualified practitioner of 5 Element Acupressure and last year I commenced teaching Level One here in Perth.
My experience in training comes from my previous profession working in corporate management which I left in 2002 to commence my studies in natural therapies and led me to teaching Remedial Massage at the Australian institute of Holistic Medicine here in Perth.I  have also developed and taught courses as part of my business and this has now expanded into teaching 5 Element Acupressure for John Kirkwood here in Perth
As a teacher I hope to share my passion for 5 Element Acupressure and my knowledge on how to integrate this wonderful therapy into your current practice or how to set up a practice based on 5 Element Acupressure.

Anne Flatman