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Five Element Acupressure in a Retreat Setting

18 hours of instruction by John Kirkwood within a 4-day retreat in May 2023

Sponsored by Shiatsu Practitioners Association of Aotearoa New Zealand

SPAA Members: NZ$350.00
Non Members: NZ$380.00

Cost includes Meals and dormitory accommodation


There is no prerequisite for this course

Five Element Acupressure is a bodywork modality whose technique is inspired by Japanese shiatsu; which utilises the understandings of modern psychology including Reichian concepts of segmental armouring; and is set squarely within the framework of the Five Element model of Chinese medicine.

In this retreat you will learn some Five Element Acupressure treatment patterns based on the method of pairing acupoints in synergistic combinations. Patterns will include:

  • a treatment for the head, neck and shoulders based on gall bladder, triple heater and small intestine channels.
  •  a treatment of the lumbar region based on bladder channel.
  • Two treatment patterns for the pelvic segment based on bladder and gall bladder channels.
  • Several treatments for the lower extremities based on the three yang meridians of the leg
  • A subtle pattern for the central channel that addresses the deeper energies of the extraordinary vessels of ren and du.

These practical treatments will be taught against the background of the Five Elements. Over the course of the retreat, we will explore the energies of these Elements within ourselves in various natural settings. By aligning ourselves with the vibrations of each of the Elements, we can bring greater depth to our treatments.

Enrolments are taken directly by SPAA:

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Retreat Location & Dates

The Sharda Centre, 15 Percy Graham Drive, Tuakau

The Retreat Centre is about 50 km south of Auckland

Dates:  Thursday 4th May at noon to Sunday 7th May at 3pm in 2023

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